A language for
robot conversations
Railz is a blockchain-based next-generation protocol for a trillion machines to
talk, negotiate, and deliver the internet of things economy.

Our goal is to enable a trillion IoT devices to be able to conduct sophisticated commerce, self-organise into supply chains, trade autonomously without human intervention.
What Railz Does
Optimised M2M Negotiation
Railz allows devices to reach optimal negotiated consensus autonomously on a 'peer-to-peer' basis
High Throughput Processing
Throughput on the Railz network is 20-30 times faster than the Ethereum network, whilst fully compatible with ERC20 Tokens
Decentralised Trading Networks
Replaces the need for centralised Trading platforms with permissionless peer-to-peer Trading networks
Learn what really matters about the Railz protocol and why you should participate in the Token sale
Why do we believe Railz can be extremely valuable
to global trade and for you in purchasing Tokens?
Machine-To-Machine Negotiated Consensus
Railz enables 50 billion+ devices to reach an optimised consensus between these Machines autonomously on a peer-to-peer basis without human intervention.
High Throughput
Railz can achieve 20-30 times higher throughput than the current Ethereum network and is capable of improving performance further to reach 100-1000x faster throughput.
Why you should participate in the Railz Token sale
We believe the Railz protocol is the 3rd major leap forward in Blockchain technology after Bitcoin, Ethereum and now Railz to enable the full, global M2M economy of 50+ billion IoT devices trading autonomously.

Funding Scenario
Option A - Soft Cap
Funds used
6,200 ETH
Key activities
Software development: Build and prove the Railz protocol
Build credentials with leading IoT experts & academic community
Aim for adoption by innovators / early adopters
Centralised Marketing & PR team
B2B relationships managed by CEO
Funding Scenario
Option B - Full funding (Target raise / hard cap)
Funds used
65,000 - 100,000 ETH
Key activities
Software development: Build and prove the Railz protocol
Activities as descriebed on "Option A"
Regional offices in major industrial centres: China, Germany, Korea, Japan, USA (multiple offices in China & USA) plus UK for Capital Markets
B2B Team in each regional centre
Develop / fund proof of concepts in collaboration with selected innovators & major industrial firms
Dedicated VPs for b2b relationships, SME innovators & brand building
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