How to Apply for Railz Tokens
Obtain an Ethereum Wallet
You should get your own Ethereum wallet that supports ETH ERC20 tokens such as Trezor, a Ledger Nano or Metamask wallet
Go to the Railz User Portal
To apply for Tokens, go to

If you haven't opened an account on the Railz Portal , then CLICK the text 'Don't have an account'
Complete the 'Sign Up' page
On the signup page ,
1) Simply enter:
Your Email, your password (and re-enter your Password for confirmation) and Ethereum Wallet address (this MUST be the one you will use to apply to purchase Tokens)
2) Read and then confirm your acceptance of the 'Terms and Conditions'
3) Click the Recaptcha box

FINALLY Click the 'SIGN UP' button to continue

CONFIRM your Email Address
CLICK on the link in your Registration Email to confirm your address.

Note: 1) If email does not arrive, check in your SPAM folder 2) To reduce risk of email going into your Spam folder, please add: to your Email contacts.
Signup Confirmation
After CLICKING on the link within the email confirming your Email address, you will be taken to the SIGN UP Confirmation page within the Railz User Portal
Login to the Railz User Portal
Click the 'Login' link to proceed
Apply for Railz Tokens
You can now apply to purchase Tokens from the User Portal
Purchase Tokens with ETH
Send your ETH to the address indicated (or simply use the QR code)

KYC/ AML Verification
After purchasing your Tokens, you will receive request to confirm your identity for KYC purposes and we will be running AML and sanctions checks to validate Token purchasers.

Please note: Citizens and residents of China, USA, South Korea, Cayman Islands and those listed at: ARE NOT permitted to participate in the Railz Token sale.

We are using a variety of KYC/ AML tools and processes (see Terms & Conditions) to verify purchasers.