Railz Strategy for Value Creation
Our focus is on enabling Robot negotiations at scale
Make Railz the leading Blockchain for Machine-to-Machine negotiations
We believe that for Crypto tokens to be valuable they should be the leading Blockchain/ Crypto choice for a specific focused use case.
- BTC is the leader for moving financial value point to pint globally
- ETH is the leader for 'Smart Contracts'
- RLZ's focus is on being the leading protocol for machine-to-machine negotiations
We aim to gain 'early adopters' amongst innovative SME manufacturers
The Pearl River Delta has become the world's workshop and is a major manufacturing base for electronic products, we aim to become adopted as the preferred protocol for SME manufacturers wishing to embed machine-to-machine negotiation capabilities within their devices.
We aim to gain adoption from major IoT device manufacturers
In parallel to gaining 'early adopters' amongst SMEs, we aim to gain initial adoption of the Railz protocol with leading global manufacturers wishing to add negotiation, pricing and 'smart supply chain' capabilities to their devices.
What will drive the value of Railz tokens?
The key drivers of 'intrinsic value' of Railz tokens are:

1) The number of IoT devices using Railz
2) Transaction volumes by these devices on Railz
Focus on IoT 'Negotiated Consensus'
Railz - The Utility token of choice for enabling billions of IoT devices reach 'Consensus'
Gain adoption by Innovative IoT firms
Our branding and marketing programs will be focused on Innovative IoT firms globally

Win over major global IoT manufacturers
We aim to get the Railz protocol specified and used by the leading manufacturers
Funding Scenario A:
Option A - Soft Cap
Funds used - 6,200 ETH

Strategy & key activities:
1) Software development: Build and prove the Railz protocol
2) Build credentials with leading IoT experts & academic community
3) Aim for adoption by innovators / early adopters
4) Centralised Marketing & PR team
5) B2B relationships managed by CEO

Funding Scenario B:
Option B - Full funding
Funds used - 65-100k ETH

Strategy & key activities:
1) Software development: Build and prove the Railz protocol
2) Activities as described on 'Option A'
3) Regional offices in major industrial centres: China, Germany, Korea, Japan, USA (multiple offices in China & USA) plus UK for Capital Markets
4) B2B Team in each regional centre
5) Develop / fund 'POCs' (proof of concepts) in collaboration with selected innovators & major industrial firms
6) Dedicated VPs for b2b relationships, SME innovators & brand building