Our Team
John Corr
John's mission is to accelerate the realisation of a Machine-to-Machine economy through exploiting Blockchain technology's ability to connect billions of IoT devices to trade together autonomously in a true 'peer-to-peer' basis.
Phil Millo
Phil leads the Railz crypto team which includes structuring and principal investment. His work takes Phil to major financial centres globally to advise on how best to deploy Blockchain technologies to disrupt industries such as Capital Markets, Energy and the 'Internet of Things'.
Jiri Fajtl
Chief Architect
Jiri is an experienced entrepreneur, innovator, software and electronics hardware engineer, focusing on R&D in the areas of computer vision, deep learning, control systems and localisation and navigation for autonomous platforms.
Vignish Iyer
Chief Blockchain Architect
Vignesh is part of the senior management and strategic team of leading IoT firm, Winjit Inc. Vig's expertise covers advanced IoT/ Blockchain applications. He is a fanatic for combining Blockchain, AI & Machine Learning technologies for high impact commercial solutions.