We have answered the most popular questions about the Railz Token sale below. If you can’t find your question below, then we’ll be glad to help you by e-mail at: faq@railz.org
What exactly is a Railz token?
Railz (RLZ) tokens are Ethereum ERC20 tokens that are ‘utility tokens’ that enable purchasers to undertake ‘machine-negotiated consensus’ using the Railz protocol.
What’s the purpose (utility) of the Railz token?
Railz (RLZ) tokens are solely intended for use as a ‘utility coin’ to use with the Railz protocol. The intended purpose of the Tokens is to facilitate the provision and receipt of machine-to-machine negotiation services which will be offered on the Railz protocol.

Given that Railz Tokens are designed only for the particular uses with respect to the Railz protocol, a Railz Token is not necessarily merchantable and does not necessarily have any other use or value. Railz Tokens are designed and sold as consumable virtual goods, without any specific outlook or expectation for their merchantability or market price.

What’s the legal entity behind the Railz Token sale and protocol?
The Railz Token sale and development of the Railz protocol is Railz Networks, an exempted company incorporated with limited liability pursuant to the Companies Law (Revised) of the Cayman Islands under N° 336117.
Who are the key people behind the Railz protocol and this Token sale?
The key people behind the Railz protocol are listed at https://railz.org/team and includes direct links to their LinkedIn profiles. The team combines expertise in Blockchain/ Crypto software development, payment systems and IoT along with experience in b2b sales and marketing that will be critical towards getting widespread, global adoption of the Railz protocol.
Where is the White Paper, how is the token sale structured and what is the total number of tokens that will ultimately be in circulation?
The White Paper can be downloaded from https://railz.org/white-paper and includes a breakdown of the total number of tokens and their proposed allocation.
Is there a breakdown of the ‘use of funds’ raised from the Railz Token sale?
You can also read the intended use of funds at and business strategy for Railz at: https://railz.org/strategy .
Is there a vesting schedule for the Railz tokens allocated to the project team?
Yes, the Tokens for the core team will vest across a 2 year period from the close of the main token sale (29 July 2018).
Where do I find Railz on Github and is a copy of the Smart Contract for the Railz Token sale there?
The Railz Github account is https://github.com/railzgithub/ and a copy of the Smart Contract to be used for the Token sale can be viewed at https://github.com/railzgithub/railztokensale
Where do I keep up to date with news about the Railz project on Social Media?
Our main point of contact on Social Media is on Telegram at: https://t.me/RailzOfficial
Though we also post updates to:
– Twitter: https://twitter.com/railzofficial
– Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/railzorg/
– LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/railz-org

You can also find us on Bitcointalk, Medium, and Reddit.

How are the funds raised in the Token sale held?
The funds are held in a multi-signature wallet secured through ‘cold storage’.
Is there an MVP?
Yes we developed an MVP to test and confirm the higher throughput capabilities of the protocol.
What are the funds raised by the Token sale going to be used for?
The principal uses are:
– Developing the Railz protocol itself
– Gaining adoption by major industrial companies for their IoT devices
– Gaining adoption by innovative SME firms

The strategy and plan are described at: https://railz.org/strategy

When will the Railz tokens be tradable?
Our aim is for RLZ tokens to be tradable on an exchange immediately the RLZ Tokens are distributed. Our target date for Tokens to be distributed is 14 August 2018.
We intend to add additional exchanges through 2018.
How will I receive my Railz tokens?
Your Railz tokens will be sent to the Ethereum wallet address used to purchase your Railz tokens. You can view the Smart Contract on Github at: https://github.com/railzgithub/railztokensale .
Is the Railz protocol really a good idea?
The answer comes in three parts for you to judge:

1) – Who thinks IoT will be big and valuable?
Our White Paper references detailed papers by ARM Holdings, Cisco, and McKinsey consulting on the scale of the opportunity in terms of numbers of devices, application areas and potential value to be created?

2) What’s different about Railz compared to say IOTA, EOS and Cardano?
Railz is intended at a specific use case that we believe will be useful in a world of billions of IoT devices, specifically enabling optimised ‘Machine-to-Machine negotiation’ to take place between autonomous IoT devices. These negotiations can range from sophisticated energy trading between ordinary consumers trading renewable energy with local micro-grids and national grids, to electric vehicles trading with ‘smart infrastructure’ to self-organising supply chains in transport and logistics networks through to trading systems in financial markets.

3) Can the team deliver the protocol into production and gain commercial users?
Our CEO, John Corr, has experience of building large-scale payment systems with some of Europe’s largest financial institutions. In addition, the team see the primary challenge is to gain adoption by IoT device manufacturers, where the team’s knowledge of b2b sales to major corporations and social media marketing in order to reach tens of thousands of SMEs globally will be critical.

Who is your tech partner Winjit, what is their expertise?
Our key partner is Winjit who are a leading IoT developer with over 1,000 development staff internationally and developers of sophisticated products such as: ‘IoT Sense’ http://www.iotsense.io/ with in depth knowledge of AI, ML, Blockchains and Smart Contracts. See https://winjit.com
What is your key competition and alternatives to the Railz Protocol?
The key competition to use of the Railz protocol we see are: Ethereum, IOTA and EOS. Where Railz is different is on our focus on enabling optimised ‘Machine-to-Machine’ negotiation with complex payoff matrices that allow much more sophisticated arrangements to be reached between autonomous IoT devices than these other protocols offer.
What are your contact details and how can I research the team members?
Our contact details are E: hello@railz.org, T: +1-345-769-1935
You can see the profiles of the key team members at: https://railz.org/team with their individual LinkedIn profiles listed on this page. You can engage on the various Social Media channels listed above and links to join are in this page footer.
Where is Railz Networks based?
Railz Networks is based in the Cayman Islands.
Is this all too good to be true, what are your key risks?
Key risks for you to consider are:
– Will the number of IoT devices really be as large as envisaged?
– Will device manufacturers and users see the advantages of ‘machine negotiated consensus’ and wish to use the Railz protocol?
– Can the Railz team execute the proposed plan?
– Will another Internet protocol be a better implementation for the proposed use case?
– Regulatory uncertainty over the use of Cryptographic tokens
Can you apply to buy Railz tokens?
Citizens and organisations in the USA and China and others listed at: https://railz.org/excluded-purchaserscan not take part in the Railz token sale. We will require purchasers to confirm their identities and we will be running AML, KYC and sanctions list checks against purchasers before releasing Railz tokens.