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A Language for Robot Conversations

Railz is a blockchain-based next-generation protocol for a trillion machines to talk, negotiate, and deliver the internet of things economy. The internet of things is set to explode as an economic opportunity. Rapid advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning are delivering transformational change facilitated by IoT devices and networks. By 2020 the number of IoT devices is expected to exceed 50 billion. IoT is forecast to generate $11 trillion of annual economic benefits by 2025.

Machine-to-Machine Negotiated Consensus

Railz enables 50 billion+ devices to reach an optimised consensus between these Machines autonomously on a peer-to-peer basis without human intervention.This breakthrough technology runs entirely on the Ethereum platform, and is the subject of Railz patents. Read our technical Yellow Paper or watch the video below to learn more.
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High Throughput

Railz can achieve 20-30 times higher throughput than the current Ethereum network and is capable of improving performance further to reach 100-1000x faster throughput.
This technology is detailed in our technical Yellow Paper.
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Roadmap to Version 1.0

Our aim is to get Railz specified by IoT device manufacturers to carry out Machine Negotiated Consensus without human intervention eventually to be deployed across billions of their devices
March 2018
White and Yellow Papers Published
Our White Paper sets out the business vision for the Railz protocol and the technical Yellow Paper describes the technical and mathematical concepts that underpin the Railz protocol.
25 June – 23 July 2018
Pre-ICO ‘OTC’ Token Sale
The Pre-ICO token sale commences at 0000 UTC on 25 June 2018 and completes on 23 July at 2359 UTC.
25 June – 2 July 2018
30% discount for Whitelisted applicants
Applicants whitelisted on or before 2 July at 2359 UTC will receive a 30% discount.
Before 12 August 2018
RLZ Token Distribution
Railz tokens plan to be be distributed on or before 12 August 2018.
June – August 2018
Build Out Railz Team
Much of the technology team to build Railz is already in place. We will build out the Railz marketing and operational teams from June to August 2018.
July 2018
RLZ Available on First Exchanges
We aim to have Railz listed on an exchange ready for the distribution of Railz tokens to RLZ token purchasers.
March – December 2018
Development of Railz Protocol
The technology team will build out the Railz protocol in 2018.
September 2018
Early Adoption Starts
From September 2018 the Railz protocol will be promoted to and adopted by early major industrial clients and innovative SMEs. This promotional period to early adopters is scheduled to last 15 months.
December 2018
Beta Release
We will provide the beta release of Railz to the early adopter IoT manufacturers and make available on GitHub for download by December 2018.
First Quarter 2019
Version 1.0 Released
Railz Version 1.0 to be released for 1Q 2019.

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